R course for beginners

R course for beginners

Course overview

As R is nowadays one of the leading languages in Data Science, we could not step away from it. It is used today for various tasks in Data Analytics and Statistics as well as suit different data science needs. Because of its broad functionality, R will fit your needs in whatever area or field you worked and applied it. In the R course for beginners, we are going to show you the basic functionality of R as well as to make an introduction of how can R be used in Data Science tasks. You will learn how to program with R and how to build effective data analytics solutions with its help.

We are going to lead you through 5 weeks of lessons and practical tasks after which you will understand how to build the basic models and algorithms using R. The course is based on the practical examples and tasks, so you can be sure you will apply all your new knowledge immediately. The course is divided into 4 weeks. We will begin an education beginning with installation, variables and basic operations using R and will move step by step to advanced visualizations, complex functions, and descriptive statistics.

What you'll learn

You will learn how to program using R, how to build functions, write algorithms, make calculations as well as study how to work with different Data structures and look at data frame manipulations. You will see how to build visualizations and learn the basics of data analysis with R.


WEEK 1. Intro to R

WEEK 2. Functions and libraries

WEEK 3. Data analysis with R. Working with Dplyr and caret

WEEK 4. Data visualization with R 

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