How to build API service with Flask

How to build API service with Flask

Course overview

In this course, you will get to know how to build RESTful Web Service with Python and Flask microframework in a ridiculously short time. The material will cover an introduction to informal stateless services for data representation - REST (Representational State Transfer). It is a vibrant technology that provides universal interoperability for different computer systems via the internet (HTTP requests), giving enormous flexibility and, one of the most vital things for any service, multi-platform support! You will also gear up with Flask on your toolbelt, fast, compact, and super handy framework for building web applications of any complexity with ease. Combining the knowledge about these two, you will learn how to successfully implement Web Service with Python and Flask while staying RESTful.

What you'll learn

The course constitutes of four week's of materials with arbitrary topical division - each week strives to unveil one or several sides of the problem (grouped logically). Every week's material comprises lecture-like slides, starting code for the following practice, and finished code examples from the slides. At the end of each week, you will be given exercises for training that will be auto-graded. The first week will generally concentrate on the concepts of REST; it will explain why it is used, and who use it. You will get acquainted with general network workflows - HTTP, request/response, methods, headers, etc. This week, we will also introduce to you Flask microframework. In week two, the focus will shift towards a practical approach, and we will get to write a lot of code together.

We will dive into Flask by discovering backbones of Flask Web App on an example of some small toy apps. You will discover such basics of Web Apps as views, URI routing, URL parameters, handling HTTP verbs (request methods), and some advanced stuff as Class-Based Views. In week three, we will fully embrace possibilities of Flask to build scalable, multi-modular, customizable to every detail apps. We will discover Blueprints, middleware, decorating and authentication on the example of our project. Week four will unfold the client side of our service. To be more specific, where will implement a Front-End application, which will communicate with our Web Service to retrieve data and use it for the depiction to a user.


WEEK 1. REST API introduction

WEEK 2. Flask Basics and simple REST implementation

WEEK 3. Building RESTful Web Service with Flask

WEEK 4. Front-End client for the Web Service

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