Databases and storages for big data / DevOps

Databases and storages for big data / DevOps

Course overview

A course for people who want to learn about databases for big data and convenient tools to manage them. We increasingly hear the term "big data." It means a set of structured or unstructured data, the volume of which is continuously increasing. And this data needs to be stored and processed. For this purpose, special DBMSs and tools have been developed. If you were not familiar with them - welcome.

In this course, you will get acquainted with the central DBMS and tools used to store and process big data, learn how to install, configure them, and perform basic data operations.

What you'll learn

This course will introduce you to such databases as Cassandra, HBase, PrestoDB, the database management system Hive. And in one of the lessons, we will install and configure Apache Ambari. Also, after completing this course, you will learn how to migrate data from relational DBMS to HDFS and use Phoenix and SQuirrel. Each topic of the course has a separate database or an instrument. The course is designed for approximately 6 weeks.


WEEK 1. Apache Cassandra

WEEK 2. PrestoDB

WEEK 3. HBase

WEEK 4. Hive

WEEK 5. Phoenix via Hortonworks

WEEK 6. Scoop via Hortonworks

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